Praised for his “Brilliant, nigh-on, angsty vocals,” Montreal-born, New York City-based recording artist Matt Shapiro has 4 albums and multiple collaborations to his name. His songs have been featured in TV shows around the world including Melrose Place, The Young and The Restless, Web Dreams, Charlie Jade, and the Gemini-award winning 15 Love.  

Halls of White, Matt’s crossover-collaboration with DJ-Producer Tone Depth was released worldwide by Noir Music in 2016 and hailed as “a remarkable vocal tune.”  

Matt’s sound blends lo-fi synths, 50’s rock ’n’ roll swagger, and swooning, reverb-soaked vocals and has echoes of New Wave, Post-Punk, and Brit-pop.  

Matt is currently signed to Fieldhouse Music, a production company specializing in discovering and promoting new talent for film and television soundtracks. 

His new EP FADE IN  will be released on March 8, 2019.