Just back in New York City after an incredible week in southern France at the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart. I was there at Chateau Malérargues in the Cévennes mountains doing an intensive voice workshop called “The Art of Interpretation.” 

The idea was to step off the NYC treadmill for a bit in the name of artistic growth and to push myself (and my voice) into as yet uncharted waters. Roy Hart (named for the famed British vocal pioneer) is more of an approach than a technique and has been known to dramatically expand the vocal range and the palette of tones and “voices” a singer has access to. Mostly what’s required is the courage to step into the unknown time and again. It was a challenging and deeply fulfilling week. It also gave me a chance to practice my very rusty French:-) 

Much heartfelt gratitude to our leaders Linda Wise and Saso Vollmaier for a truly transformational session. And much admiration and respect to my 13 fellow singers and performers. If you’re curious to learn more about this radical approach to singing and performance click HERE. 

Meantime, have a fantastic rest of the summer:-)